Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Sale .EU domain

Hello dear clients of Big Tweak s.r.o. 

Before the beginning of spring our company decided to make a gift for you.

Now you can buy a domain in the euro zone .EU for just 100 CZK (including DPH)
The promotion is valid from 01/03/2011 to 04/01/2011 
Hurry to make a gift, the number of domains at a discount is limited.

Also, we are happy to announce lower prices for domains in the .RO zone
Now you can buy a domain in a zone .RO for just 700 CZK (the old price of 2,490 CZK)

Make an order or get more information please call +420 608 210 867 or visit our website

Sincerely, Ilya Zhukov, director of Big Tweak s.r.o.
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